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The Best Plants For Apartments In Carmel

December 17, 2021
Blue and green apartment at Union Street Flats.

They could be called “houseplants,” but there are plants can prosper in an apartment also. Plants can sprinkle in excitement to your rooms, enhance air quality, boost your disposition, and let you feel near to the world when you can’t go outside to enjoy your wonderful community. The top plants for apartments in Carmel don’t need much care. If you want a few greenery in your space, these easy-to-care-for plants are a great gift for your apartment.

The Most Popular Plants For Apartments In Carmel With Artificial Light

A bedroom with a plant in the corner in 116 apartments.

Your apartment layout was designed for human inhabitants but notnecessarily house plants. If your apartment doesn’t have lots of natural light, you can still enjoy greenery that thrive in dimly lit rooms. Spider plants are popular, low-maintenance plants that don’t demand much sun. These plants have skinny flat leaves that grow by sending out “spiderettes,” or tiny versions of themselves that trail down the host plant. They look nice on high shelves that give them room to dangle. Spider plants are awfully hardy and only need watering when the soil are dry. They also are accustomed to small pots, so you won’t have to prune them on a day-to-day basis.

One of the top plants for apartments in Carmel is the peace lily. These lovely flowers have elegant dark green leaves and classic white flowers. They are tall rather than wide and shouldn’t need an abundance of natural light, so you can park one in any nook in your smaller apartment. They also won’t demand much watering and will show you that it’s watering time by dropping leaves.

The Most Popular Apartment Plants That Shouldn’t Demand A Lot Of Water

A kitchen with succulent plants on a counter in Echo Park Bloomington Apartments. 

If you’re busy working, studying, or enjoying your community’s outdoor amenities, you could forget to water your leafy friends. To side step killing your houseplants, buy succulents and cacti. These arid plants only look for water once a week in warm weather and even less during winter. Plant them in a succulent and cactus soil and rock mix and stick them in a sunny space like a bedroom window sill.

Cacti and succulents are very fashionable as room accents. You can find them in many difference shapes, sizes, and colors. Place your cacti and succulents in colorful terracotta pots or hanging terrariums, or mix and match several species in one spacious pot.

The Top Plants For Freshening Your Inside Air

Spacious living room with plants in The Verge Luxury Apartments.

Invisible toxins from outside air and indoor items can accumulate in the environment in your home. You’ll feel better with purifying plants like pothos and snake plants. They absorb odors from the air and give off pure air back into your apartment.

Pothos are plants with large leaves with longer stems that like to spill over the corners of bookcases or baskets. They work in most lighting with a daily watering.

Snake plants have firm, pointed leaves that grow up and down. They differ with some other vegetation if you are looking to cluster a few varieties together. Snake plants will resist a bit of abandonment and require relatively little light or water, making them tough to kill.

Your Plants Can Come Home To The Legacy Towns and Flats

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