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How To Stay Cool In Your Apartment In Carmel

September 27, 2021
A sunny day at the Lakeside Apartment pool.

The extreme heat of summer can make your Carmel apartment unbearably hot -- particularly when you occupy a unit at the top of your building. You might turn up the A/C for instant gratification and expect higher utility costs. Or you could spend all your free time at the pool. Instead, use these helpful hints to stay cool in your apartment in Carmel.

Be Smart With Your Thermostat To Stay Cool In Your Apartment In Carmel

A woman adjusting the thermostat

If you’re searching for ways to stay cool in your apartment in Carmel, it’s often enticing to turn up your hard working A/C unit. Unfortunately, operating your A/C equipment at full strength can get expensive, and it’s not intended to cool off your apartment more than 15-20 degrees lower than the outside temperature. The better option is to run your air conditioner in a less demanding fashion by setting the thermostat to a slightly higher temp before you leave for the day. This will keep your place from getting too hot without overworking your trusty air conditioner when you’re not there. After arriving home, adjust it back to a more pleasant comfort level.

Good HVAC maintenance lets your air conditioner function at a high level of efficiency as well. You should request your property managaement to check your equipment and switch out the filters twice a year. Some complexes have planned HVAC filter changes at specified times and supply the filters for you. Let them know if you have any concerns.

Use Window Treatments To Guard Against The Sun’s Heat

Modern living room on a sunny day. 

Windows are known to allow a fair amount of heat. Shielding your rooms with suitable window treatments will play a critical role in blocking the sun’s rays. Get started by keeping your apartment blinds closed. The standard white blinds in most apartments can reflect back a portion of the sun’s heat. Then, install room-darkening curtains. These solid products stave off those powerful sun rays and can help keep your space cooler and more comfortable. The majority of apartment complexes are fine if you hang window treatments as long as you fix the holes in the walls before you vacate the premises.

If you are enamored with the natural landscape of your surroundings too much to conceal your windows, you could place window films that reflect heat. This transparent product adheres to your windows and impedes solar heat but not your perspective. For additional protection, apply weatherstripping on your windows to limit the intrusion of hot air while keeping cooler air inside.

Enhance Airflow And Comfort With Fans

Fans aid in providing the right amount of air circulation through all of your living areas to keep you more comfortable. Put your choice of fans by a vent to circulate your treated air. If you have ceiling fans, set them to turn in a counterclockwise manner. This allows the fan to push the conditioned air down to where you need it.

If you have access to exhaust fans in the bathroom or over the stove, you should consider using these as well. Typically, these fans extract hot air out of your apartment and discharge it outside when showering or cooking, but they can be run at any time. Power them on when you arrive home in the evening to remove the warm, stale air that collects throughout your interior during the day while your cooling system or ceiling fans replace it with cooler air.

Avoid Using The Oven When Temperatures Are Soaring

A dark cabinet kitchen with red walls facing the oven and sink. 
Stovetops and ovens give off a lot of heat as you cook. If you’re already struggling to stay cool in your apartment in Carmel, try not to use these conveniences. As an alternative, cook meals in a microwave, electric pressure cooker, or crock pot. Or enjoy a refreshing salad and filling sandwich. A cold drink and something sweet from the freezer for the last course will help you overcome the summer heat too!

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